Swiss Awards 2023

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Swiss Awards 2023

The only way to round off the season is to present the Swiss Awards to the players, clubs and referees who have made their mark over the years.

For this year's event, it was IHC Zofingen who brilliantly hosted the more than one hundred people in attendance. The Swiss Federation would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them and thank them once again for all their hard work.

U13 category

Goalkeeper: Logan Vuilleumier (Rossemaison)

 Defender: Lynn Lüdi (Gerlafingen)

Striker: Jamie Lanz (Gerlafingen) Jamie Lanz (Gerlafingen)

U16 category

Goalkeeper: Ascanio Alfieri (Sayaluca Cadempino Lugano)

Defender: Davide Belloni (Sayaluca Cadempino Lugano)


U19 category

Goalkeeper: Loan Vernier (Rossemaison)

Defender: Leon Perrot (ISHB Biel / Bienne)

Forward : Damien Frangniere ( Givisiez)


Women's category

Best player woman: Noémie Turner (Rossemaison)

Top scorer : Amélie Grossenbacher (Rossemaison)


Category deserving club junior movement

SHC Wollerau


Top sniper LNA/LNB


Referee category

National leagues: Sascha D'Ambrosio (Rothrist)

Romandie Sud: Fabian Chassot (Léchelles)

Romandie Nord: Gaëtan Courbat (Buix)

German-speaking Switzerland: Maximilian Dünser (Wolfurt)

Ticino: Raphaël Boullay Santos (Vedeggio)


Top Scorer LNB and LNA

Alexandre Piqurez (Bassecourt)

Franco Briccola (Malcantone)

Men category

Best Goalkeeper: Demian Burri (Malcantone)

Best Defender : Pierrick Morel (Givisiez)

Best Forward: Alexis Neukomm (Rossemaison)


MVP category

International Junior: Leon Perrot (Biel/Bienne)

Men: Franco Vriccola (Malcantone)

International Men: Pierrick Morel (Givisiez)


Category Best Coach LNA

Patrick Sprecher (Aire-la-Ville)


Category Fair-Play

SHC La Roche