Novice finals in Biel: No rain over the weekend

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Novice finals in Biel: No rain over the weekend

The weekend was forecast to be rainy, but despite a few drops, IHC Biel-Bienne was able to welcome its guests in rather pleasant conditions.

The matches followed one another but were never the same, with each one featuring some great action, motivated players and a game that shows just how much our sport evolves from year to year.

SHC Rossemaison took the Swiss championship title after battling through regulation time and extra time. It was after a long series of penalty shoot-outs that the winner was declared.

Second place Sayaluca Cadmepino Lugano were clearly one of the toughest teams in the tournament.

IHC la Broye showed a solid team that was able to put the two finalist teams to the sword and finished in 3rd place.

SHC Wollerau finished in 4th place. A team that played very well together over the two days.

MJ Bienne - Neuveville in 5th place

Wolfurt Walkers 6th

Rolling Aventicum 7th



Sorengo 8th