Playoffs women : SHC Rossemaison champion suisse en 3 matchs

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Playoffs women : SHC Rossemaison champion suisse en 3 matchs

17 September, the first match in the final for the women, between SHC Rossemaison and Rolling Aventicum. The Jura side took the lead in the second period, while the Vaud side rallied in the final period but were unable to equalise. Final score 12-7

In the second match of the final on 23 September, the favourites were clearly the Jura side, who had virtually dominated the league this season. So it came as no great surprise when the Mustangs took a long lead in the first period and managed to stay ahead in the second. But once again, like a diesel engine that needs to be warmed up in order to run at full throttle, the Avenches ladies managed to take advantage of the final period to win the second period. Final score 5-3

September 24, so today was the day it all came down to! At home, the Jura side seemed invincible, so much so that in the first 20 minutes, the home side took their first break with a 6-goal lead. Rolling Aventicum tried to break through the home defence, but the final score was 8-3.

Congratulations to both teams!