Swiss Referee day in Avenches on 9 September 2023

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Swiss Referee day in Avenches on 9 September 2023

The first Swiss Referee Day was held in conjunction with the Swiss Cup finals in Avenches on 9 September.

The aim of the day was to offer the referees of the Swiss Inline Hockey Federation a convivial day out, encouraging exchanges and camaraderie, while encouraging them to practise their favourite sport in a friendly tournament played under veteran rules.

In sporting terms, it was the selection of referees from Ticino that came out on top, ahead of Romandie Sud and Romandie Nord.

The referees were then invited to take part in a Team Building exercise, organised by Mr Loic Lang, life coach and mental trainer. It was a fun way of reminding them of the key elements of teamwork and collaboration.

A final exercise awaited the referees in attendance, namely analysing the course of the Swiss Junior Cup final match between Avenches and Rossemaison (7-5), in particular certain aspects of refereeing. Jean-Philippe Turrian, who is in charge of supervision, and Luca Boverio, who is in charge of training and who acted as match supervisor, debriefed the entire group.

The evening ended with an excellent meal served by SHC Rolling Aventicum, who we would like to thank for their warm welcome and excellent cooperation in organising the day.

The refereeing department would like to extend its warmest thanks to all the referees who took part in this first event, and whose enthusiasm and good humour made the day a great success.