Swiss Cup 2023 : Sayaluca Cadempino Lugano champion

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Swiss Cup 2023 : Sayaluca Cadempino Lugano champion

For the two Ticino teams who had come to Avenches in search of the title, the match began with the same level of fatigue due to the trip.

The match was fairly even in the first third, although Sayaluca had a slight lead. The game was fast-paced and took up the whole area, sometimes in the attacking zone, sometimes in the defensive zone. 

In the second period, Malcantone struggled to create chances and it was the team in yellow that took another lead. With the score at 6-4, the two teams went into the break for the last time.

The final period saw the clock ticking away at the same speed as the first two, with the ball clearly not wanting to stay on the pitch. We were plagued by stoppages, but Sayaluca took full advantage, scoring no less than 3 goals. Malcantone, never one to give up, managed to score a goal and despite their goalkeeper coming off to make way for an extra player, the team were unable to find the opposing net.

Sayaluca Cadempino Lugano won the final 9-5.