Swiss Cup juniors : Rossemaison failed to unsettle their opponents

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Swiss Cup juniors : Rossemaison failed to unsettle their opponents

Avenches needed just 46 seconds to get the ball rolling. Tight, precise and fast, the Vaud team was virtually invincible for almost 50 minutes in this Swiss Cup match.

Although Arnaud Weiss of SHC Rossemaison, assisted by Julien Sauvain, was able to take advantage of a penalty at 15:37 to score a goal, the Mustangs were unable to find a way through.

40 minutes into the game and 7 goals to 1, at this point you can hear a few orange-clad supporters outside the pitch saying that the carrots are cooked.

The coaches of both teams were focused at the start of the final third, with one side determined not to let their opponents back into the game and the other to find a way through. If the Rolling Aventicum players maintain the same level as in previous periods, it is clear that the die is cast, but the Mustangs have not said their last word. You could even say that new players were entering the arena for these last 20 minutes. They dominated and took possession of most of the ball. They managed to get back to 7-2, and then Anthony Chèvre, the author of a fine series of goals, enabled his team to get back to 7-5, but the clock was ticking and there wasn't enough time for an equaliser.

It was therefore only logical that Rolling Aventicum should be awarded the winners' cup for a fine performance in this match.

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