3 Swiss teams on the Men Challenge Cup 2023 podium

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3 Swiss teams on the Men Challenge Cup 2023 podium

The European Men's Challenge Cup was held in Avenches this weekend, with 10 teams from England, Germany, Austria and Switzerland taking part. Representing our nation were four teams (SHC Rolling Aventicum, SHC Buix, SHC Rossemaison, Fight Pigs Gersau) who gave a fine account of our sport. The Fight Pigs Gersau were accompanied by their vociferous supporters, and even received a special thank-you for their crowd, who really brought the tournament to life.

At the end of a hard-fought final, SHC Rossemaison took the title from SHC Buix, who had not lost a single match during the tournament. The organising club, SHC Rolling Aventicum, took third place. The Fight Pigs Gersau team won the final for 7th and 8th place against the London Knightz and showed that even though this team plays in the 1st league, it has managed to make a place for itself in this international tournament.

Arthur Pouilly of SHC Buix also received an All Star Team award.

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