Interview with D. Helfer ahead of the next U19 national team training camp

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Interview with D. Helfer ahead of the next U19 national team training camp

D. Helfer took time out from his busy schedule in Avenches to answer our questions about the U19 national team, which will be playing in the European Championships in Austria this year.

Good evening everyone, Didier Helfer is with us this evening to talk about the start of the season. He is surrounded by a well-stocked staff, and the young Swiss players are being offered top-class coaching. Hello Didier, we're going to take advantage of your presence this evening to talk about the U19 national team.

Good evening everyone, thank you for the invitation.

My first question is a bit personal. What are the qualities needed to be a good coach of a national team?

You have to know the junior level, watch the games and have the tactics to adapt to today's mentality. It goes very well, but you always have to adapt from year to year.

How are you managing this first selection of players?

I sent an invitation to all the clubs in Switzerland, in all the leagues, to sign up new players or those who couldn't make it last season. We then held regional training sessions, once in Lugano, once in Givisiez and once in Rossemaison, which enabled us to see all the players again. From the hundred or so players, we made an initial selection for the first Camp 1, which took place in Rossemaison.

Between the first list and the final contingent, a sorting takes place how the players not retained live it

I think that everyone is taking it fairly well, for those who are selected for the first camp but not for the following ones, we've had time to explain it to them. It could be a first year who we thought was very good for his age, but who still has two years ahead of him to make the national team.

What do you take away from the first training camp on 29-30 April?

It was very positive, we played at a very good level. The level of fatigue and training was high compared to last year, I think for all the players selected. We've already got some names who won't be part of the second training camp, but who will definitely be part of the squad for future years.

The next camp is in Givisiez in June. What are the aims of this second training camp?

Together with my staff, I hope to be as close as possible to the final team by the end of the camp.

What do you want for this team?

The title and for the national team to be a model for all the other Swiss players, so that they can aim to be part of the national team.

Thank you very much for your time and we look forward to the next review

Thank you and see you soon

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