Appointment of the new Head of Elite Sport

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Appointment of the new Head of Elite Sport

At its General Assembly on 4 March 2023, the clubs appointed Mr Johannes Meer as the new head of the Elite Sport Department.

He will be in charge of the Men's and U19 national teams and will ensure coordination between the staff and the clubs. He will also work with the youth development team and ensure the implementation of the Swiss Olympic measures for elite sport.

Johannes has a solid experience of Inline-Hockey and will be working in a known and perfectly mastered sport universe.

The FSIH Central Committee is looking forward to working with Johannes and wishes him every success in his activities.

Interview with Johannes Meer, new Head of Elite Sport

Can you introduce yourself in a few words for those who don't know you :
Johannes Meer, I am 24 years old and live in the beautiful region of Lake Murten. In my career as a skater, I had the chance to play for the juniors of Rolling Aventicum, then the active team and since this year for the SHC Leychelles Coyotes.

You have just been appointed head of elite sport at the FSIH, what does this position entail and what are your priorities?
This position mainly consists of coordinating the national teams in the organisation and making the link between the clubs and the national teams. For me the first priorities are to get a final for the juniors and for the actives while developing the younger teams and the ladies team.

You are also the coach of the Avenches girls' team, won't you be overloaded?
Yes, we'll have to be organised and swallow a lot of kilometres and have short nights sometimes

How do you see the future of elite sport in Switzerland in the context of skater hockey?
We don't have a women's or youth team, but it was decided with the FSIH committee to set up something despite the absence of competition, while having the objective of concretising a competition with other countries in the future.

A message to be passed on:
We must have fun above all by trying to professionalise our sport as much as possible, but never forget the fun.